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My name is Laia, and this is my blog.
First i'm going to present me a llitle; I'm 17 years old, I live in Terrassa.
Why have I chosen this topic? Well, I always had a very low self esteem, and I thought maybe if I write about this it will help me.
So I'm going to explain my history... It all started 5 years ago, all my entire life I went to a school where the were only girls, and they were the opposite of me, so I started to focus too much on me and how the others saw me, I was only 12 years old... and now here I am, with 17 and I think the same as 5 years ago. 
Sometimes when you focus too much un yourself, you forgot the way you look and see you ugly and fat... and sometimes you get to have eating disorders, and belive me it's easy to enter but not to get out... 
So that's it! 

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